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Bumper Mould Home >Products > Auto Mould > Bumper Mould
Mould: Bumper Mould
Place of Origin: Huangyan, China.
Trademark: Huashi Mould
Mould Weight:
Mould Size:
Mould Life : 3,000,000 SHOTS

Injection: Synventive Sequence Nozzles
Hot Runner: YUDO
Mould Steel: 2738   
Mould Base:1730
Mould Components:
Main Softwares: UG

Packing: WOODEN
Lead Time : 50DAYS
After-sales Services: Experienced engineers will provide all-round technical solutions to any problems occurred in customers mould operation.

  • Bumper  Mould-1 Bumper Mould-1
  • Bumper mould-2 Bumper mould-2
  • Bumper mould-3 Bumper mould-3
  • Bumper mould-4 Bumper mould-4
  • Bumper mould-5 Bumper mould-5
  • Bumper Mould-11 Bumper Mould-11
  • Bumper mould-6 Bumper mould-6
  • Bumper Mould-10 Bumper Mould-10
  • Bumper mould-7 Bumper mould-7
  • Bumper Mould-9 Bumper Mould-9
  • Bumper Mould-8 Bumper Mould-8
  • Bumper Mould-12 Bumper Mould-12


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